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2021 Youth Landing Life Plan

Leaving my hometown, I want to find a place in Taipei that can accommodate myself and pretend to be in my dreams. Sliding 591, the price of an ideal life in this city makes you a little daunted.

The Banana Cohabitation Plan for Young and Middle-aged People to Live Together, hopes that by providing beds, foreigners living in Taipei can still outline the shape of their homes on their own, even if they leave home.


| Project purpose: 

Provide resources to help alleviate the economic resistance of young people to develop in Taipei, and improve their quality of life by alleviating rent pressure.

| Handling unit: 

Banana Making Friends Co., Ltd. (Bananas cohabiting in the center)  


| Subsidy quota:

4-7, depending on the application situation.


| Application qualifications/conditions:

20-30 years old, not limited to men and women, have a long-term development plan (more than half a year) in Taipei, and have rental needs, understand the concept of co-living and affirm its value, willing to invest 10 hours a week to help maintain the cleanliness of the living environment, happy Communicate with others, serve as a bridge between the team and roommates in Banana Cohabitation, and strengthen the cohesion and emotional connection in the apartment.

| Subsidy points:

(1) This subsidy program provides free beds for the selected candidates in the Banana Cohabitation Program. The organizer has the right to the location of the apartment and the right to arrange the beds.

(2) Participants of this project who participate in the paid activities organized by Banana Cohabitation can enjoy the same privileges as team partners.

(3) The selected objects of this subsidy program need to perform tasks including assisting the apartment to maintain a clean and tidy environment for 8-10 hours a week, as well as condense the emotions of the roommates in the apartment, as a communication bridge between the team and the roommates.

(4) If the selected object of this subsidy program is negligent in the content of the task to be performed, or his words and behaviors seriously affect the goodwill of other roommates and the organizer, the organizer has the right to terminate the subsidy program early.

| Documents to be prepared:

1. Personal information: Please limit to one page of A4. The form of expression is not limited. The content must include basic personal information (name, birthday, phone number, mailbox, education, work/activity experience, skills) and application motivation and development plan in Taipei .

2. Please answer the following questions completely (choose 4 from 6), regardless of the form of expression (video, image, text).

(1) How would your friends describe you? And what role do you usually play in the team?

(2) What is your understanding of the concept of co-living and the value of co-living?

(3) What are the current cohabitation brands in Taipei? And what do you think are the advantages and characteristics of the banana cohabitation brand?

(4) If you were a member of a co-living space, how would you condense the feelings of your roommates? How would you increase their participation in activities and their connection with each other?

(5) If you are a member of a co-living space, what are your expectations for the co-living life? Are there any interesting ideas that you want to practice in the apartment?

(6) What do you think the "ideal life" looks like? And explain the role you think "housing needs" play in it.

| How to apply:

The required documents (personal data and answers to questions) will be sent to " " from now on. Please indicate "2021 Youth Landing Project-Name" as the subject. Please send the documents in PDF format.

| Review:

The organizer will reply to the applicant whether the applicant has entered the interview stage within seven working days after receiving the information. Applicants entering the interview stage will be contacted by the organizer of the interview, and the interview time will be agreed, and the final admission result will be notified within two weeks after the interview. The organizer of the successful winner will separately notify the signing date and arrangements for check-in.

| Contact Information:

If you have any questions about the plan, please write to or send a private message to the fan page of

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