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Life subscription system

▌Subscribe easily and enjoy life▌


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Looking for a house and looking for it, but still hesitant, always worrying about other problems after moving in?

The information is asymmetry when viewing the house, and it is always on the short-term side, so you have to decide to sign and move in?

Life is a series of choices.

Banana Cohabitation is the first to launch a trial-live experience of "Life Subscription System",

How to choose?

We live first, then decide.

From now on, you can enjoy the trial experience of the first month if you register and apply through the form.

Solve your fear of renting a house, so that you no longer fear that you will step on thunder when you stay outside!

*Banana Cohabitation reserves the right to modify the final event. Please refer to the form below for the detailed subscription method.*

【Check-in application】

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