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Coliving Spaces 
Coliving Spaces

 Go on an endless journey

Banana Dongmen was a backpacking hostel. Now, it’s transformed into a co-living apartment that still has that care-free hostel vibe. Banana Dongmen is located in the center of Taipei, and yet it’s still easy to reach nature in Da’an park. You can also enjoy the urban scenery of Taipei 101, and some cultural events in the C.K.S Memorial Hall.

Coliving Spaces

Find the old spirit of Taipei

Let’s go on an old-fashioned date with Taipei. The property is a 3 minutes walk from MRT Shuang-Lian station, and you can find all the traditional street foods are in the corners of the lively Shuang-Lian market. After a satisfying meal, you can walk along the old streets and spend your day at MOCA or just simply chill in the park all day.

Coliving Spaces

Taste of life

This property is located in a quiet area on Hanzhong Street, just a block away from Ximending Pedestrian Area and The Red House. It is also accessible via exit 1 of the Taipei Metro Ximen Station (Bannan Line and Songshan-Xindian Line). The location of Banana Ximen is perfectly balanced between popular and quiet.

Coliving Spaces

East Dist.
An oasis in the city

This property is located right in the East Dist., the fanciest area in Taipei, and facing the little forest on Dunhua S. Rd. When you wake up, you can take in the forested view and be vitalized all day long! You can reach popular restaurants, coffee shops, design shops, fashion stores… all within 500 meters, impeccable location!

Coliving Spaces

Cheer with the city

There’s no doubt that it’s easy to find gyms and other leisure activities because the center of many sporting events are right next door. One minute away from MRT Taipei Arena station and Taipei Municipal Stadium, you can literally watch the sports games from the window and cheer along with the city. 

Coliving Spaces

​Join the Co-Living Lab

This apartment is located in a quiet residential area near to Zhongshan Junior High School, right at the midpoint of the city center and Neihu Sci-Tech Park. It takes only 30 mins to go from one end of the Brown Line to the other end. Wanna grab a drink with your buddies after work? Fancy restaurants, chilling bars are here to serve good vibes to office workers! 

Coliving Spaces

This building has five floors, and 44 bedrooms are between 2F to 4F. The common area is on the top floor. The more you go up, the more lively you feel.

The original old building's cement texture and broken junctions are deliberately preserved, and curved curves are added from time to time for decoration; corridors, stairwells, and public areas are also placed with artwork or colorful acrylic signs, as well as plants and Plastic ornaments.

Under the industrial style decoration design, modern and fashionable elements are added to create a living environment that is both relaxing and worth exploring.

200927 ChillParty_201001_1.jpg
Coliving Spaces

The Banana Headquarters, which is also the Banana Civic Activity Center, used to be a commercial studio. Part of the space, such as the large blank background wall, was reserved and transformed into a more functional field.

Banana friends can apply for lease to use the venue, or come here to participate in various activities. It is the center of the banana friends community.

There is a wide rooftop suitable for gatherings, and lectures and courses can also be held indoors, which is a rare paradise in a crowded urban area. Come live with us in the secret little garden in Taipei!

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