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1. What conditions must be met to live in Banana Cohabitation?

We hope that the roommates living in the banana cohabitation can agree with the concept of co-living, are friendly and willing to share. In addition, we also expect them to be happy to get along with other roommates of diverse backgrounds, and even get in touch with more new ideas through our spaces and activities. friend.

2. How do I know the room types and beds currently available for rent?

Because the vacancy situation may change frequently, please use the official LINE account of "Banana Live Together"  "Private message asked.

3. How is the deposit calculated?

For a lease term of less than six months, the deposit is equivalent to half a month’s rent. For a lease term of more than six months, the deposit is equivalent to one month's rent. For a lease term of more than twelve months, the deposit is equivalent to two months' rent.

4. What are the items included in the rent?

All packages include mountains and seas. Including water and electricity, gas, internet, management fees, cleaning and maintenance services, and providing public hand sanitizer and toilet paper.

5. Are there any rent concessions?

There are discounts for rental periods of more than four months and more than six months! Welcome to contact us further!

6. It may only be rented for a short period of time. What is the shortest rental period?

The minimum rental period can be 30 days!

7. I’m not in Taipei at the moment, can I watch it from a long distance?

We provide remote video tape to watch, if necessary, you can inform in advance. However, because the rights of both parties are involved in renting a house, there may be gaps in the space experience between online and offline, so if the time distance allows, I still hope that those who intend to live in can come in person and give each other a chance to meet each other face to face!

8. May I ask what guarantees are provided in the apartment for living safety?

Public spaces are equipped with monitors, fire extinguishers, and residential police. In addition, rooms are equipped with electronic locks to ensure the safety of residents.

9. Does the apartment have access control regulations?

Everyone is an adult, and I believe they are mature enough to not need access control. It is good not to affect others when you leave early and return late!

10. What is the background of the roommate?

Our residents have people from all over the world and in all fields. They are ordinary tenants who are the same as you but different:) In our apartment, we can share experience and resources with roommates and expand our circle of friends. Create new contacts.

11. Can I invite family and friends to visit the apartment?

Welcome family and friends to visit! But for other roommates to live in peace, please ask them to leave before 11 o'clock in the evening.

12. As a banana friend, what activities do you have the opportunity to participate in during your stay? How to get the latest news about Banana CoLiving?

We will organize activities of different styles from time to time, such as hand-made courses, movie nights, rock climbing activities, summer parties, etc. You can choose activities that you are interested in. If you want to know what new events will happen in the near future, please follow our Fan page Banana Co-living , or Instagram  Banana Co-living !

13. What happens when a man and a woman live together?

In our apartment, you will live with all kinds of people. The circle, growing up background, and age may be different, including gender. Basically, most of our rooms are separated by men and women, but we can also communicate with each other in public spaces. Maybe we can find a suitable person!

14. How can I decide which space is right for me?

We suggest that you start with the location, such as the commute time from the apartment to the work place, and your existing budget. Or you can see that the design style of each apartment does not meet your own preferences. You can first check the decoration of each apartment from our official website!

15. What if I want to ask more questions?

For more details, please visit the official LINE account of Banana Cohabitation  "The real person replied.

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