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Grin top floor


GRIN, a wide smile, as our expectation for this place, hoping that everyone who comes to this apartment can have a GRIN moment.

After taking over this former film studio building, we spent nearly a year contemplating the layout and trying without adding elements unrelated to the essence of the existing space.

Our goal was to restore the building to its most authentic form, without concealing the necessary pipelines or the anticipated natural cracks in the cement floors that develop over time.


We wanted the space and its inhabitants to interact with each other, allowing the passage of time to create Grin and every individual’s story within it. Together, we observe the traces of life’s transitions in every moment.

GRIN Apartments consist of three levels of residential spaces, with the common area situated on the top floor.

2nd floor to 4th floor is 44 rooms, featuring four different types of layouts. Most rooms enjoy ample natural light and offer high furniture mobility, allowing for flexible arrangements.

Different levels of lighting seep through the floor-to-ceiling windows and interior light sources, illuminating the rooftop communal area with layers of colors. The original deep tones of the old building, coupled with the orange roof, create a mix of vibrant and understated elements. Banana Co-living aims to bring vitality to the space and ignite residents’ curiosity through unconventional residential design approaches.

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