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Room D - Twin Room


Single Bed

Personal Bed Curtain





Common Desk


This room is equipped with a bunk bed. Each bed has its own curtain so the tenants may have their own personal space. There are two desks in the room and windows that face the street, so the room is bright in the morning without any lights on. Each roommate will get an open closet to store clothes and other essential belongings!

When you move in, we offer you a clean bedding set, including a bed sheet,  duvet cover, and pillowcase.  All you need to bring are your personal toiletries and clothing. Washing machines, tumble dryers, and kitchenware are in the common spaces.


The rental of each bed is NT$10,900 per month (The price here is for more than 12 months lease term.) 

Extra monthly fee/ per person:

Utilities/ NT$600: for electricity, water, gas, wi-fi, cable TV.

Management/ NT$1000: for housekeeping, equipment maintenance, toilet paper, cleaning supplies...etc.

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